product variatons don't work properly

Hello there, i have the problem that when i set a variaton product it don't show me the "add to cart" button, and i can't see the changing of image too.
Should you help me?
i have betheme 6.2 and woocommerce 2.2


  • Hi,

    we recommend to update theme to latest version and do the same with WooCommerce plugin because there is newest WooCommerce version (2.3.3). But because of WooCommerce major changes, please remove current theme folder from FTP and upload new instead.
  • should'nt i stay with this configutration? i have another plugin that is not tested for woocommerce 2.3 and later
  • But we have no idea what is wrong with your current configuration. We have tested products variations on our side (we use latest version of woocommerce and theme) and everything works fine so this problem can't be related with theme. You can also deactivate your additional plugins as well to check if this is a problem exist because we do not have any other suggestion.
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