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BESTORY - Smart Phone View Issue

edited January 3 in Files & images

My website is and I use bestory template for my web. I have no issue when viewing my home page with PC or even Smartphone view using WP Bakery but when I use real smart phone,  only a small part of images is displayed and there is no parallax effect as on PC.  

Another issue is that under Smartphone view, the different part of the background image is showed. Are we able to show the image as we show on the background image. 

Hope to have your support on this issue


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  • Thank for your quick reply, but

    1) After I change to background image size from "auto" to "contain". There is no change, the unwanted part of image is displayed ( please find the image attached)
    2) I use Iphone 7 ( parallax effect is turned on ) but the effect on my website is not active. I also try with other phone but it does not work.  However, these phones can display the effect on the original bestory theme in your website.

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  • 1) There is no change with using larger images. But when I try to have another image in middle, the background image is bigger.

    2) The parallax still does not work. Would you please spend more time to take care this issue. If you need to login the wordpress , please advise me 
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  • Dear Muffin,

    - Your original picture in the template is also 1920x1200 so I don't know why you say that my image is not big enough. 
    - My phone and my friend phones ( many phones) can view parallax effect on the template Bestory but can not view on my site. I don't know why it does not work because I only reply the background image only.

    Would you please take a serious check on my website and support me with a valid feedback

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  •  Hi Muffin,

     It is already set with my theme so the issue is still there. Do you have any other suggestion ?
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  • Such an irresponsible and unreasonable answer from a big company. If the issue is caused by mobile browsers, would you explain that with the same browser and the same mobile, I can see the effect on the original template but can not see it on my website.

    I don't know who in Muffin team answered my question and if you have discussed with other colleagues about this issue or not: You answer is not convincible to me at all.
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  • The server is located in Vietnam. I have just try and it is ok. Please try it again.
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  • Thank you Muffin team
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