Do not list new layout (skin) and list options Skins

01 - When creating a new layout, this will not appear in the list of skin in the skins of choice options. If you create more than one, gives conflict because not listed. The solution would be appearing on an additional list.

02 - Conflict to create more than one layout, it will not appear on the customization of skins Muffin Options. 

03 - It would be more practical if the menu options appear Muffin is directly in the wordpress main menu without having to go into appearance. Type the menus slide or Events.

04 - There is the option to not display the image in the portfolio because the slide single post is very bad, there is no option of a gallery? How about trying to see the site as an end user, it would be much easier to analyze the possible upgrades. 

Be The template is good, but needs to improve a lot, it still has many problems. 

Thank you!

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