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Hi there,

I like the way I can exclude categories and target a particular category in the muffin recent posts widget. But is there any way to remove the "comments count" feature in the blue bubble and make the muffin recent comments widget appear nice and simple like the default wordpress one?


  • Hi,

    yes, you can remove comments count from "Recent post" widget with below css:
    .Recent_posts ul li .photo .c { display: none; }
    but if you want to change the general layout of this item you must do it yourself within css or contact with your website developer.
  • lol, I am the developer! Cool, as you know your theme code the best - I just ask you first for the optimised method. I will go with the advice that you have provided and take it further and see what I can do with it.

  • So if you are a developer then you should have no problems to do this.

    You're welcome!
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