Fatal error: Out of memory

edited February 2015 in Theme support

i got a brand new wordpress install (my master installation only with a small amount of bullet proof plugins like e.g. yoast seo or wordfence) on a server with PHP 5.6 and i can´t work with your theme cause i get this message (in two situations):

First -->  when i try to activate visuall composer. The only way to get wordpress back working, is to deactivate the plugin via phpMyAdmin.
Second --> even if i don´t activate the vc plugin, i get this error in the page options panel.

Can you tell me what´s going wrong?

P.s. an other error message:
 "Out of memory (allocated 32768000) (tried to allocate 20 bytes) in  .. /wp-content/themes/betheme/muffin-options/options.php on line 282"

Cheers Alex


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