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Smooth transition on One-Page links

I have difficulties finding the right terminologi for this, but i will try to explain it as easy as possible.

I am using ONE-PAGER for this project. 

The menu, is used to navigate to different sections of the one-pager - as the typical purpose.
When i click on the menu links, it will transport me to another section with a smooth scroll transition.

This smooth transition is exclusive for the menu so far, but i want it for all my links that pull me to different sections of this page.

If you look at , i will have a slider with 3 links that will pull you to different sections of the one-pager. My problem is that there is no transition, and it will instantly teleport you to the refered section. 

I hope you understand, thanks alot for help! :)


  • Hey,

    we are pretty sure that you missed scroll class for those items inside slider. Each link must have scroll class to have nice scroll effect.
  • Hi there. I've the same problem with the same template. But he don't work also i've insert a scroll class into the custom menu. My menu work correctly but i've a problem with smooth effect. Thanks for support and continue for this way, cause you are a wonderful agency! I want to work with you and your themes for the rest of my life!!!! :D
    In attachment a screenshot of my custom menu config
  • edited March 2015
    @Albyxx83 This is an old method and we do not use it since quite long time. To activate nice scroll for one pages, in "Page options" section, you should activate "One page" option. This is just button that should be turned on.
  • I've tried these combinations:

    I've delete the scroll class to all custom link into the menu;
    I've activate "one page" option in "page option" and don't working. 
    I've generate a new page blank with some different section colours but don't change anything too.

    P.S. i haven't change any field into "BeTheme Options". It's possible that the change needs to be made there?
  • I solved my problem.Your guide is right, the problem was in my test setup wp too dirty. I apologize for the time stolen.  X_X
  • No problem ;) We're glad to hear that you finally sorted this.
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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü