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portfolio single item not showing


im having big time headche right now, i tried everything, i don't understand what is wrong.
on development server projects section is working fine, i click on any single item of projects and it shows me project detail but now on the prodcution site.

I will really really appreciate if you can help me sorting out this. I tried manually sql migrate, I tried migration with plugin. I also increase the php memory, upload size etc etc values from hosting server. Unfortunately, all in vain. 
Please help me.
ps:  I tried deleting htaccess and then from wp settings>permalink and then save trick as well. 

Thank you! 


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    any update on this issue?
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    Hi thanks for reply, from production site, i meant that customer main hosting site, where i'm supposed to upload the production ready site.

    can you understand what is wrong?
    Portfolio page is working on development and production server. but when i click on single item of portfolio on production site it shows me a empty page.

    so my problem is that portfolio single item is not being shown after migrating to production server.
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  • can you help me how to confirm that they are fully imported, what should i look for specific in sql because in wordpress admin panel>portfolio, i see my all portfolio items along content in muffin builder in those individual portfolio posts
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    phpinfo here 

    i tried it seems no cache. also i delete all sql and try again. 
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  • Hi sorry for delay, i was not feeling well, I have sent you via my personal envato account. Please check. Thanks
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    after further verification of your account, we realised that you did never bought any of our items. So if you have a problem with our item and need help, please send us request from account that was used for purchase and has a valid license key.

    Best regards,
    Muffin Group team

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    This has to be a joke, i do not have access to my original account, why do you think i would come here and ask you? Really this is how you are going to support me? I purchased this theme multiple times in different companies. now i am not associated with those companies thus i do not have the keys info. 

    Please try to solve this issue instead. I will appreciate it. I felt like stabbed for all those copies i purchased! 
  • Thank you for your stupid support, i have checked and found the error in your code. It was your fault and i fixed it which cause me and my client namerious days on worse support!
  • 1 more thing can you please delete my profile here. I don't want to work with you guys anymore!
  • Im sorry for blasting, can you please delete my profile?
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  • sent please check and remove!!
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