Loading sample be pages etc....

Hello there.
1.  I saw the 20 plus homepage template in zip format under rev. slider/home/zip file.  Where do i upload the file to?  I did it through theme update and said no style.css sheet..
2.  Can I use other element plugins substituting those for what is already there?
3.  Can I assume Rev. Slider was used in most homepages?  What background image size or photos for the layers should be used?  Meaning can the images be stretched without looking goofy?
4.  In the download package under Rev slider I see:  blog.zip, splash.zip etc...What are those for?
5.  After making a slider for the homepage, will the logo/nav area automatically sit at the top with the background color of the slider underneath it?

I will have questions as i go through this, so I appreciate your patience!  Thanks.
Mark ie superdoc


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