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Activate LayerSlider... Had it working, moved Droplet now Slider function and data is gone

edited February 15 in Revolution Slider
I had my site working properly with the Layer Slider on BeTheme. I moved my Droplet to another IP Address from a Snapshot.

My old IP Address shows the Slider I had but also doesn't allow me to edit it anymore.

you will see the slider is missing.

The slider is no longer functional in the Dashboard.

I also added https to the site. This is why I moved the Droplet.

How do I get the site back? I could buy another copy of the Theme and reinstall it from scratch and then upload my backup possibly.


  • It also says there is an Update Required and looks like it has my Reg code in the string but fails to update.
  • Can you just reactivate my RevolutionSlider? I can give you my code...
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  • Here is the error I get. Why can't you just Activate my Revolution Slider?

    Downloading update from

    Unpacking the update…

    Installing the latest version…

    Plugin update failed.
  • Oh and Visual Composer fails too.

    A droplet is a WordPress Host from Digital Ocean. I updated to get SSL and this error happened after I made a snapshot and changed the IP address of the Droplet. The domain is the same though. Just an added SSL.
  • edited February 13
    This is what the error says:
    An error occurred while updating Slider Revolution: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files.
  • edited February 15

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  • Yes, That is the error that tool gives me. It won't let me deregister.

    Referer domain is different than registered domain. Please contact us using contact form on our Themeforest profile page:

  • So I can't register on your system because it is not valid now.
  • edited February 15
    you can see I am registered in both places now too.

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  • My BeTheme was still linked to my test site even though I deregistered it. Now I registered properly by deregistering with your api tool.

    I updated to SSL so my address is https:// I changed my General Settings to look up https://

    I still wasn't able to activate Rev Slider so I bought another copy of the Revolution Slider for $25 and it allowed me to register Rev.

    The Slider still doesn't show up. Images are not in the Template but my logos are there and don't show up at all.

    How can I get my slider data from my old site and import it? I unfortunately deregistered Rev Slider on my Duplicate so now that won't work to export.

    Thanks for your help, it got me pretty close. I just have to rebuild the slider.
  • I got it working now. Thanks! Somehow the pic links needed to be linked again or associated to the media library.
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