Shortcodes & []+ button in text mode


2 requests:

1. It's a bit ironic that in text mode, the []+ button is absent.

I wish you could add this button

2. The ability to export the content builder as shortcodes



  • Hey,

    1. This one is not possible because we did it as additional plugin for Visual editor. In accordance to wordpress API it is not possible to add it to Text editor.

    2. We added muffin builder Import/Export version since 2.7 version.
  • Thanks!

    About #2: the keyword here is as shortcodes, right now I can only export as base64 encoded data (or something like that), while I want to use the exported data as shortcode in text editor.

    I like the content builder, but sometimes I just prefer the shortcodes, and the content builder still does help a lot as a really helpful tool to effectively learn about & use shortcodes. I find it much better than having to go back & forth between the documentation & the WP text editor.

  • So you mean to make Import/Export option for wordpress editor (because shortcodes are basically used in this section) similar to what we did for Muffin Builder? Because for Muffin Builder this must be base64 encoded.
  • Exactly yes, is this possible?
  • But what is the problem to use CTRL+C & CTRL+V if you got all shortcodes inside wordpress editor? Because we don`t understand ;) You can switch to "Text" editor and copy whole content and then paste in place where you need it.

    Also we included "Duplicate Post" plugin which is compatible with theme and also if you want, you can clone whole pages if above solution is not enough.
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