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Blog slider img resize

edited February 16 in Files & images
we are using in the blog slider on the home page.
In the last posts, when we add the feature image, it creates a different srcset and when I check my speed with Gmetrix it gives problems in served scale image slowing down the website and the performance. I was wondering if is something I'm doing wrong. I tried to deactivate all the plugins and update a new image then use it as featured image, but I have the same problem.

This is the problem we are facing with Gmetrix:

This is when I inspect the element, the first is the new image, the second is an old image post that is working correctly:

Thanks in advance.


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  • thanks for answering, 
    what I talk about is something automatic from the theme, nothing we choose or customize. I know we updated the theme recently, and I can see that the post with a feature image recently changed or new post, are not having the same automatic setting of all the other post featured images. Those new images are those who cause the problem of speed and optimization which I'm taking care. Into the blog slider, we are facing problems only with few post, while the older are ok. That's why I cannot understand how is possible that doing exactly the same thing, in the same way, we have different setting while inspecting the elements.
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  • Hello and thanks for answering.
    I tried to do as you suggested to do, but nothing changes. I have the feeling that something can have been changed on your side.
    I try to explain. Before a couple of BeTheme updates ago, if we created a new post, a resized image was shown on the home page into the Blog Slider with the correct size. We still can see few of them. Now, when we create a new post, on the home page, into the Blog Slider those images have a different setting and if I check any optimization tool, it shows a Serve scaled images problems because now it's going to be resized with CSS. The same problem we have in the Image Galery because we show the resized pictures that we can see bigger with the slider. I had to recreate this gallery because of some problems with the hosting where we lost the section, then, when I recreated the gallery I faced this problem. Also if I inspect the element now we have "srcset" and "size" inline setting that previously wasn't present, and if I check the Blog Slider images, those who have no problems of Serve scaled images have not this new setting. 
    A curious thing that maybe help you to understand, about the Image Galery we have for options with the size, thumbnail, medium, large, full size. If I set to thumbnail or medium, I don't have the serve scale image problem but the quality is embarrassing. If I set them to large or full size, the quality is perfect, but we face the Serve scaled image problem.
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  • Thanks for the advice, I haven't been able to find what is causing that. I tried everything you suggested and also resizing pictures, try with different sizes but nothing.
    I would like to ask one more thing, probably the last. The featured image in blog post is streching instead of croping. I have set in the bethem option the resize and crop but it doesnàt crop. Is there any way to force the crop instaed of streaching, or what is the best size of picture for feature img?
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  • Hi,
    Any featured post image is stretched, one example is this:

    I fixed the previous problem of Serve scaled images on the 
    Blog Slide that is on the homepage, by showing only three posts instead of 6 or 9. Doing so, it doesn't need to slide and sizes are correct, maybe you'd like to know.
    Thank you
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