Changing Subheader image per page?

Hi Guys,

On your demo you have different subheader images like this - 

I've tried to create a custom layout but there are no options to change the subheader image. Am I missing something? Or could you please add this to the next version?


  • Hi,

    At this moment it is not possible to select subheader images with layouts generator but we`ll add this with future updates. At this moment, when you edit/create page, on the right hand side you have "Featured image" option and this image can be uploaded here for what you need :)

    Hope this will help you a lot ;)
  • I just tested this, it does. Thank you for the tip. 

    Thank you for adding it with a future update to the Layout generator as well.
  • Hi there, I have used the featured image to display different headers on each page (I am using both boxed and 960px layouts) and all works very well. The only problem I am finding is when viewing on my Android phone this headers height is very small (skinny), any this I can do to fix when it it viewed on a mobile Device? Is there an optimum size the featured image needs to be, mine are 960px × 260px at the moment?
    Thanks in advance
  • @perfectimo On our demo, subheader images are 1920 x 372px size. So you can try to use the same as we do and hope this will help you :)
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