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How to place the the content of the footer in the center


the concerned page:

how to place the ul container straight in the center?

now it looks like this:



  • In your footer there are two columns; not sure if you're doing anything with the second column, but if you make that footer section into one column, then make a small change to the css, you can get it to center properly:


    #footerccr li{

  • Hey,

    ok, but i cannot see where the second column is and how to get rid of it.
  • Check that "Layout" in BeTheme>>Theme Options>>Footer is set to 1/1. If it already is, there may be multiple items in the footer widget in Appearance>>Widgets
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  • That´s unfortunately not the problem, the footer is already set to 1/1 !
    Sorry, i cant figure it out,...

    the new domain is (password: ä#)
  • You're almost there! I took a look and it doesn't show that you added the CSS I posted above; paste it at the bottom of your BeTheme>>Theme Options>>Custom CSS section

    If it's not working after you do that and save, you may want to put !important at the end of the float and display css before the ;  to force those rules on the links

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  • edited March 14
    I want to ask you where to edit footer in theme customization didnt show any option in theme customization panel
  • Thanks,... that worked perfectly!

    footer is definetely part of the customization panel... direct under the blog/portfolio section
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  • in footer i am unable to delete the Muffin Group text. Where to edit. In appearance > customization > wigits > Footer # 1 "Appears in the Footer section of the site."

    Further any text i am adding through wigit its appearing over and above the text "copyright" kindly solve my problem
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  • First of all check the footer

    how to add social links right side in footer and how to change link opt in footer like "allseasontrader"
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  • Hi Bryan, @Bryan [Support Team] 

    I have tried all the css in this thread but I am not having any luck, would it be possible for me to private message you my site to have a quick look? If I do the changes within 'Inspect' I can make the content centered, but once I place the CSS in the theme options, it just doesn't reflect. Cheers. 
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  • edited July 23

    I am trying to center the elements on a 1/1 footer layout. I want all text to be centered rather than aligned to the left. 

    It's a Dev site at the moment with a login, can you please private message me so I can send details? Cheers. 
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  • edited July 24
    I'am having the exact same problem as Kaka177. I have set my footer to 1/1, I added custom html widget to Footer | #1 and used the CSS code Bryan[Support Team] provided, but nothing happens, everything is still aligned to the left. 
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