Placing featured image above post title

I'd like for the featured image to display above, rather than below the Post title for my blog posts, how can i achieve this? 



  • Hi Derek,

    unfortunately this is not possible because for that must be rebuilt structure of post files so css won't help in this case.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • edited March 2015
    thanks that pointed me in the right direciton. i created a child theme with the modified post file. 

    Not sure if this needs a separate discussion but is there a way to disable the zoom on the featured image while keeping the featured image responsive? 
  • This post is fine of course. Zoom for image can be turned off in Theme options > Getting started > Blog section :)
  • odd was having an issue wherer turning that feature off was doing some wierd things, but it looks like it was a specific post, so that works thanks! 

    is it possible to also keep the featured image from sliding up on mouseover? 

    i feel like if there is a way that it would do it for all and not just the featured image, which if that is the case is there something i could do in php to shut it off for featured image only? 

  • Yes, this is also possible. To remove this effect, please use below css:
    .image_frame .image_wrapper img:not(.ls-l) { top: 0 !important; }
  • Sweet thanks so much! Your team's support is amazing btw!
  • We're glad to hear that ;) And it's great to know that we could be helpful.
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