Menu problems

I have a problem with the menu

look at this picture

when passing the mouse over the button "home" this is deployed to down. but without style css

but the menu I see in this link is different may be happening?, can be a bad installation?


additionally the domain for this template is still not registered, but have begun to install to overtake.

but I find it curious that try to enter this address and I get the error page template 404.

the only way in is first to enter the wordpress admin panel and then if I can get.

I might as pointing to a domain not allowed to enter?


  • Hi,

    as we see, this could happen because of too many items in menu. If you will send us url to your website then we can have a look on it to be sure.

    404 errors are not related with theme. The error you will get on default theme. This is always related with .htaccess file and sometimes may be related with additional plugins. In this case, we recommend to visit Settings > Permalinks section and click "Save changes" button. But if this won't help, then you should change permalinks to default.

  • ready and resolved.

    the problem was to install the template without having registered domain, turned to install and ready
  • Ok :) Thanks for the info. It's great to hear you solved the issue.
  • Dear Muffingoup!

    I finded an error in the responsive-1240 css file.

    The menu is corrent top of the page, but when i scroll down the "sticky menu" is broken down. (I cant attache pictures)

    The gap between menu point (padding) is 0px. Please update this. .menu_wrapper { clear:none;} .menu_wrapper .menu > li > a  { padding: 15px 0;}

    I rewritted this: .menu_wrapper { clear:none;} .menu_wrapper .menu > li > a  { padding: 15px 5px;}



    After edit:

    Home   About   Sample1 Sample2

    Best Regards!


  • @patrikvarga Please take a look at to understand where you did mistake. This code don't need to be changed because everything is fine.

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