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DIfficulty Updating Plugins

Dear Support, 

I'm writing in with regards to some issues faced with my website built on BeTheme (

Currently, when trying to update the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins, the system returns:

"The package could not be installed. The package contains no files."

A similar issue was faced when I tried to update the Theme, but managed to still do so by FTP-ing the latest theme files in.

Can you advise what I should do next so as to get the plugins updated?


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  • Hi, 

    I've went to the link and also logged in, however I did not see the purchase code for that particular project.

    To clarify more, because my company is a web-development firm and this account is used to manage all purchases, we have made multiple purchases for your Theme. In this case, it only shows the details for 2 purchases, but does not show the older accounts. As such I cannot check if there was a duplicate during the migration of website from development server to live server, causing this licensing issue..

    Is there any other method or approach we can go with so as to resolve this issue?

    Do advise accordingly. Thanks!
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  • Hi,

    I made the purchase with the very same account. There are quite a few licenses under this account but only 2 are showing up. Is it because it's past the support period?

    I'm really not sure, but I'm certain that I've only made purchases using the same account, and I'm able to retrieve the purchase code from Download History as well, so the account is correct.. Is there any other method we can go about to verify this, and get the necessary updates?
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  • Hi, 

    Yes I understand your point. So that's the issue I'm facing at the moment. The registered license for this website I'm referring to does not show up on the tool shared to me. 

    However, as per your suggestion earlier, the license is being registered on more than one site, so technically it should show up right?

    So I'm stuck at the moment as it doesn't show up, but is being captured as double-registered somehow. Is there any other way to troubleshoot this issue?
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  • Hi,

    Noted and have just sent the details through the contact form.

    On a separate note, if the muffinbuilder does not react when I click any of the buttons (e.g. Edit, Clone, Delete), it could be due to the plugins not being updated right? As such, once the issue with updating is resolved I should be able to edit the site normally again?

    Do assist to advice on the above.

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