Default Translation Fonts and Logo

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I will need one default font for Khmer language. How do I add it in Them option as I can see it only allows one font selection?
Content Font
All theme texts except headings and menu

Main Menu Font
Header menu

Big Headings Font
H1, H2, H3 & H4 headings

Small Headings Font
H5 & H6 headings

1. How do I assign Khmer fonts to the above, so all my translation will show font face as expected like English?
2. I also want the translation shown only to the language selection (Kh), but after I translated everything in Theme Option 'Translate', it is all now shown in Khmer?!
3. How can I set to show English if Khmer translation is not provided? I can see the 'Latest Posts' is not shown in Khmer if I don't provide translation.
4. How do we put a bigger logo as the space there is so small - it's ok when scroll and stick to be that small? And can we have 2 different logos in English and Khmer?
5. Can we put the flag to select the translation with the menu if we choose 'Simple' in Header Style?

If you can't see the content, plz login: user and pass: demo


  • Hi,

    The font can be selected only for one of sections above. If you want the same font for all then you must select the same font for all sections.

    1. It is not possible to font special font by language.
    2. Sorry but this is not possible.
    3. This is standard behavior and nothing can`t be done with that.
    4. Just put larger logo and send us url to page and we`ll try to provide right css to make logo section bigger. Also it is possible to setup different logos for different pages. For that you must use "Layout generator" that we added for this theme. More info about that tool you can read on
    5. Sorry but it is not possible to put languages selector with simple menu. Simple menu was created especially for all those who don`t want to use anything except small menu icon. IF you want flag icon, you should use different header style.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    I would be really appreciated if you can spare some tips how to have the default logo displayed bigger but stick default small size when scrolling the page.
    But if this is not possible to achieve, I can remove the logo but put the logo with the slide 'Revolution Slider' so I can have bigger size. But how can the logo be shown in the sticky header when scrolling down?

    P.S: Anyway, in the theme option for under construction should be 'Launch Date' not 'Lunch Date'
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    If you want to increase logo for maintenance mode, you should upload larger logo because as we see, at this moment you got upload and this is the smaller then you showed in link above. So please upload larger logo instead of this small one and all should be fine.

    Haha, you're right about launch date :D Probably our programmer was very hungry while coding this section ;)
  • Thanks a lot for fast reply.
    Not in maintenance mode, I want a bigger logo on the front page:

    If you can't see the content, plz login: user and pass: demo

  • We already replied on your questions in comments section on TF, but we`ll re-paste it here:

    To make this logo larger, you should to upload larger logo image at first ( because current is 143×35px size what you can see on ) and then you can use below custom css to increase logo size:
    #Top_bar #logo img { max-width: 250px; }
    As default max width is 190px so if 250px won`t be enough, then use larger value.

    Hope this will help you a lot :) Thanks for choosing Be!
  • Where can I enter this css? And how will the sticky header be big too or can I have it as default size like now?
    #Top_bar #logo img { max-width: 250px; }
  • Each custom css should be always pasted in Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section.

    But for sticky you need to use different css: #logo img { max-height: 60px; } { height: 65px; }
  • Thanks a lot for fast reply.
    So the below code will resize the logo to fit the sticky header once scroll? #logo img { max-height: 60px; } { height: 65px; }
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