Menu Entries Are Overlapping With the Action Button

To The Support Team of BeTheme:

Please i am having the following problems with my menu when using the latest version of your theme (BeTheme).

1. When the number of entries of the main menu exceeds a certain number, the last menu entry is getting overlapped on top of the action button.
2. The problem mentioned in (1) is happening again when enabling the "sticky header" option.
3. When having two lines of entries in the menu, the background of them is flipping to transparent when the "sticky header" option is enabled. In other words, when scrolling down the page, the menu's background is getting transformed to transparent and the labels of the entries are appearing on top of the rest of the content of the page.


1. I am running the latest version of your theme.
2. I am using the "Stack: Center" option as a "Header Style".

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Awaiting for your kind reply,

Best Regards~

P.S: I have attached a quick screenshot as a demonstration.



  • Hi,

    please send us url to website where this happen and we'll have a look on it.

  • edited March 2015

    Thank you for your reply. Here is the URL of the website: Labinator [dot] com

    Please note though that i am not authorized to create an admin account for you on the website. Thank you for your understanding.

    As you can see from the website, when you scroll down the menu entries are overlapping on top of the action button.

    I really appreciate your help and support!

    Best Regards~
  • Ok, we see what happen. This looks like that because there is not enough space in sticky header to keep all this stuff. So or you will remove button on sticky header or logo because it is technically not possible to keep them all. If you decide which one you want to remove, then let us know and we'll give you right css.
  • Thank you for your reply.

    Logically speaking, the menu entries must be displayed in two lines instead of one. You must consider this in your future updates. When the action button is enabled the checking function of the width must take into consideration the number of characters that exists in the top level menu entries. If they exceed the certain limit, they must get displayed in two lines instead of one.

    At this point in time the menu is behaving like that when the action button is disabled.

    Thanks though for your time and help!

    All the best!
  • We'll consider this but at this moment from our side this won't look good. What is the point to use sticky menu that cover so large part of website? Menu from top will be about 200px from top what is not good in our opinion and especially not right in accordance to our UX experience.
  • Yes, i totally agree with you. At the same time, having the problem of overlapping is also not right according to my UX experience ; )

    Having said that, i really appreciate your work on this theme and i will keep recommending it for everyone.

    Best Regards~
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