Muffin builder disappear from all my pages

It happened 2 times, and this is why I'm very worried about it. I don't know why, or related to what, but if I navigate the web site everything look ok, if I have to modify a page, I don't have muffin builder and the page is empty. If I go  on seo tools, after this error, it can trasfer page contenent to wordpress. The only solution I found was recover another copy of my work. I'm working in local with xampp, because I'm going to recreate a website that now has already more than 200 visitor in a day, and I can't work online. I fear to have in the future the same problem, now I only have about 20 pages.... I need to create about 300 pages.

I tryed to reinstall the theme, disable pulugin, restore plugin directory, but nothing has worked.

Thank you very much for your help.


  • Hey,

    this may happen because of xampp and because this is local environment, we are not able to check what could be the problem. We are pretty sure that on live server you shouldn't met with anything like that because so far you are 1st who noticed something like that.

  • It happen again, just now. And this is a serious problem, because I don't have any chance to recovermy work, only restore old copyes. (I can't think to work making a copy every half hour!). Please suggest me any solution. I don't want do work online, and I haven't had this kind of problem with different templates, also working with xampp. Thank you.
  • Sorry but we don't have any suggestions because the problem is definitely not related with theme at all. And also because this is on your local computer side, we do not have any recommendation.

    Thanks for understanding!
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