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How do I change the "back to home" link on page 404?

I installed
the site in the folder "pratizanzi2018",
then I moved the site to root (copying only index.php and .htaccess and
changing only the site address (URL)), the site works properly, but the
to the home page on page 404 refer to


where can I edit this link?

Thanks and regards.


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  • Hello,
    it will be a
    database problem, but it is the first time that happens to me and it
    happens with your theme (which I have already bought twice, and that I
    wanted to use for the next sites I will create).

    Since I
    did not change the procedure to move the site to root, and I did it
    with other templates (always bought on theme forest) successfully, I
    think you can make an effort to help me, so you will reinforce my idea
    to continue buying the
    your template.
  • edited April 27
    I created a custom 404 page to fix quickly.
    Among other things, do not make header and footer appear on page 404 is an error, I think you should solve in a next version.
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  • I do not
    ask you how to edit the .htaccess file or how to perform the procedure
    to get wordpress inside a sub-folder of the root, I've been doing this
    for years without problems.

    What I ask is where can I change the link to the home page of your 404 page, where can I find the file php? (then I edit it by hand as it is not provided by the template panel).
    I would also like to reiterate that headers and footers must appear on page 404.
    Thanks and regards.
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  • Ok, "... is not really a theme related question", but it only happened with your theme.
    I use
    duplicator to make backups of the whole site, use it to move index.php
    and .htaccess on root, it would be like using a digger to plant a

    And about this:
    "do not make header and footer appear on page 404 is an error"
    there are no answer?
    Thanks for all.

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  • Ok, I note that the db is "complex" and that I can not do the usual operation I've always done.
    Speech closed.

    But for the request:

    Not making the header and footer appear on page 404 is an error.
    I think you should solve.


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  • Ok thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it.

    And for the question of page 404 without header and footer?
    Even on your site there is no:

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  • Hello,

    company-2 was a nonexistent example page to display page 404.
    I wanted to point out the absence of the header and footer from page 404.

    404 must continue to show the header and footer of the original site,
    otherwise it will disorient the visitor, the page resolved anonymously.

    This is a mistake when you solve it?

    If you need other explanations are available.

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  • Even if I choose a different page, the problem remains:
    Site headers and footers do not appear.
    This is the 404 page I created (see link to non-existent page):
    As you can see, the site's header and footer do not appear, how do you solve it?
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  • Ok, thanks in advance.
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