Footer widgets not showing up at all

My footer widgets were working fine no nothing is showing up.   I made some simple text widgets for place in the footer and none of those are showing up now. 

I made a few screen shots of different pages -



  • Looks like "Tweeter" widget loads only title what means something is wrong with this widget. Probably you configured widget wrong way and that's why the whole rest won't load. Please remove this widget from footer and you will see that everything will be fine.

  • Thanks I changed the cache setting to 0 and all of the other plugins show up but there are no tweets as soon as I change the number to anything above 0 the plugin stops working. I tried changing the number to different values but it still does not work
  • This means that you have wrong details for this plugin. And because this problem is not related with theme, we can't help in this case.

    Thanks for understanding!
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