I have some small issues

Hello i really love this theme and it’s eaxctly what i needed for one of my projects. I encountered a couple of problems.

For example when user is logged in the wp admin bar is visible and
it covers the scroll bar and the menu icon partially. I would like to
know how to move the menu icon lower so that is visible even if the user
is logged in. I would want the same also for the scroll bar that it
gets hidden by the wp toolbar.

Here image

Also some items down the page as i scroll are partially hidden by the menu bar on the left look here


Thank you very much in advance.


  • Hi,

    we already replied on your question in comments, but we`ll re-paste answer here as well:

    1) The bar on the right is hidden under top bar when you are logged because splash page is very large page with tons of elements and this bar is very small. So you should use mouse scroll for that or you can use below custom css but in our opinion this won`t look good:
    .nice-scroll .nicescroll-rails { z-index: 99999 !important; }
    2) Menu on the left is hidden when you are logged because of the same reason as scroll bar. But this will be definitely fixed with next update but at this moment you can use below custom css for that:
    .admin-bar #Header_creative a.creative-menu-toggle { top: 40px; }
    3) Those elements in full width are covered by the creative menu because elements inside section are always are also in full width mode (this is what for lot`s of users requested and we did not noticed the problem will be with creative menu on the left side). But this can be easily modified with below css:
    @media only screen and (min-width:1239px) { .header-creative .section.full-width { padding-left: 50px; } }
    Thanks for choosing Be! ;)
  • Sorry for posting it twice but i needed the solution kinda fast since i will be opening the website next week and i still have to do lots of stuff beside setting it up.

    So basicaly i take this codes and insert them inside the custom css field right?

    Thank you for your prompt answer.
  • I have added the 2 codes for the menu and the sections. The first one makes a blank space from the top of the page till where the menu icon is positioned.

    The second i am not sure the menu still covers something like the first letter. I will add 2 screen so you understand better.

    http://snag.gy/Ov0sB.jpg this is when i'm not logged in

    http://snag.gy/ubIW9.jpg this is when i am logged in

    As for the items being covered by the menu here how it looks now.

    http://snag.gy/Oi4l1.jpg it still needs to move to the left 5-10px and it would be perfect.

    Thank you very much.

  • Please send us url to your website so we can have a look on it as from screenshots we have no idea why this looks like that. Without that we won`t be able to say what is wrong.

    However if you still need 5-10px to the left, you should increase padding-left value from answer above (point 3).
  • With the new update 3.2 everything works very good no need to add any of the code.
  • Yes, because we added some fixes into 3.2 version at your requests :)
  • Thank you very much, i update to the 3.2.1 and the issue camed back :-( i will remove now all the various items that create problems and do a redesign based on the splash template. Anyway thank you very much for the support.
  • Hello i have updated to the 3.3 version and the issue is still there. I have removed some items from the homepage but the issue now is present also on other pages.

    Ill list here all the pages where i see this problem using the creativemenu.

    also on blog posts

    Also the issue also covers a small part of the left side of the footer.

    I already added the code you suggested inside custom css but no changes whatsoever. I also increased the pixels from 50 to 100 without no change.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • For post pages where you got bottom navigation with images on side, we can give you custom css but for the whole rest it is not possible to move content. So the only thing we can do for you is make creative menu smaller and this can be done with below css only:
    @media only screen and (min-width: 1240px) { 
        #Header_creative { width: 200px; left: -150px; }
        .fixed-nav.fixed-nav-prev { left: 50px; }
    Also in js/scripts.js file you must replace below line:
    ch.removeClass('active').animate({ 'left':-200 },500);
    ch.removeClass('active').animate({ 'left':-150 },500);
    Above solution is the only possible way to help you with this menu.

    BTW We don`t understand why menu shouldn`t go on content? This is just menu which expand only for a moment, while user if focused on menu. While this time user is not looking on content because when he is doing it, menu collapses.
  • I am not talking about the expansion of the menu. But when the menu is closed.It is just an aestethical thing. It does not cover content but it covers half of the first letter for example and that is not a cool thing. Anyway i took another route and created a layout for the other pages so that is resoved now by setting up a different header for the other pages,

    Now i would like to keep the creative menu only on the homepage and the footer thing is not that important for now.

    The problem that i find now how i can setup the the header for the forums page created by bbpress? Right now it's the same as the homepage and i want it to use the same layout i use for the other pages.

    Sorry for making
  • So now we really don`t understand the problem. As you said, you want to make it good when menu is closed. But it is already good while menu is closed. Just for blog pages it wasn`t good (because of thumbs navigation in the bottom) but for that we gave you solution above.

    Unfortunately bbPress does not allow to choose header or layout for himself because it is working totally different then regular pages. bbPress gives just link to forum page and that`s why, on this page only shows default menu. What you can do is setup default menu that fit for forum, but for homepage you can choose layout with creative header and this should help you a lot :)
  • Thank that worked for the bbpress. thank you very much
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