Footer on different pages


Is it possible to change the footer for different pages? On the frontpage I would like to have a full size image, with the minimalistic menubar. No footer copy or wrapper. But on the blog and about pages I would like to have the footer?

If I change the costume css, then that would happen for all of the pages?

Kind regards


  • Hi,

    it is not possible to change footer layout on different pages but if you mean to show footer on somepages and on some not, then this will be possible. But we need url to your website with explanation on which pages you want footer and on which not and only then we`ll be able to find right solution for your needs.
  • Thanks for fast response. (by now it´s only the homepage). Not sure why it is scrolling and the smiley down left appears. 

    I have tried the #footer suggestions mentioned earlier in other posts. 
  • Sorry but we can`t open your website. We tried for 15 minutes and nothing. Then we tried from different location and also can`t be opened so please check your hosting because the link you gave above, does not work.
  • Hi, I have tried different browsers and different computers and everyone opens it as expected. Not sure what to do then?
  • Ok, now it works fine. We checked your website but we are not sure what you mean. Have you noticed that under the main slider you got a "smiley" in left bottom corner? Because this is all we noticed at this moment. It looks like this comes from external plugins probably. Please deactivate all your plugins first and check then. If this won`t help, then please send us access to your wp dashboard on pm and we`ll have a look on it soon.
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