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Server Values not being read properly - muffingbuilder loosing work (urgent)

Hey Guys, 
Ive been selling many BeTheme solutions but coming to a crossroad here.

The issue is that muffinbuilder looses anything below 2 or 3 sections if the server values ie PHP Memory Limit, PHP Time Limit and Input Vars are below requirements.  You only discover this after you try to save your work and the sections disappear that you have build.

In my new issue that is seriously dramatic, I had everyting running and build fine, the server environment was setup fine with a php.ini in the root and all was saving well.  
I was putting the cherry on the cake so to speak by changing a background image to a section and I save the page.. voila the last 3 sections disappear. Even the copied pages that I used as backup dont have my hard work saved.

The hosting provider (Crazy Domains in this case) have checked the server settings and all was still as it was a few weeks ago.. with the Memory on 512 and Time Limit to 60 plus vars on 5000 .. I have checked my PHP.ini and it is all correct yet the Server Status on Betheme is not showing the correct values and besides this is acting accordingly unfortunately by not saving my work and not seeing the right values ..

Im seriously stuck here I really hope you have a solution ..   ie clearing some cache or a fix as I need to deliver in a few hours from now.

The site is  (please copy paste I dont want my customers seo deluted in future) and its half now ..   I can rebuild or put a backup back but that doesnt solve the problem.  

Really hope you can help asap .. 

Let me know how to go about from here ..  

Server info by info.php:

Server info by BeTheme 


Per (lauri)


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    Ok the stress is gone .. I have been able to overwrite any PHP values in another way ... 

    This issue stays the same .. Muffinbuilder as much as I love to build with it will drop sections from your page / work if your server for some reason doesnt provide the right environment.
    The requirements are way below default so for every host you have to edit and alter the settings in order to build longer pages with Muffinbuilder. Also the way of finding out you hit the limit is more frustrating .. 

    I really hope there can be a warning build in or someting that doesnt cut off or loose your work.

    Hope this helps .. and you can get back to me ..  this cost me 5 hours to rebuild on borrowed and my own time. I have build and resold 15+ BeThemes now .. 


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  • Im sorry, I understand you havent read the full story as it is a bit long .. the values were set if you got my story, there was a custom php.ini and it worked..  for some reason it stopped working and BeTheme didnt see the server values right. Even tho the server had the proper max_input_vars set .. 
    The warning wont help if you think it was working for weeks before, no one is going to look before editing a page at the server status page in BeTheme to see if the input_vars are still working.
    Im a little bit disappointed with your answer  ..  anyway I found my way around.  
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