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Betheme support needed, can not save content on pages -


I just renewed my license to get support since for some reason i can not save changed content no more.

Everything is updated but nothing?

What might be wrong?

Look at the homepage, says enough:


  • btw i work with themuffin builder but the bakery builder is also installed?
  • i just noticed that i can add a few words and save it but not complete sentences

    what is going on?
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  • have send the location through the contact form
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  • it is 5000 

    pls check the info file again, it is marked there and in system status

    i noticed that when i type a few words i can save it but longer text can not be saved
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  • i just have a section, i try to insert text, if i use some words i can save it, if i paste like 2 paragraphs i can not save it anymore
  • ill try with the plugins first
  • ok, i disabled all plugins and i mean all of them and the problem is still there.

    I try to recap:

    On a page i use the Muffinbuilder

    i add a column to type some text and that works, it gets saved and displayed

    the moment my sentence is too long or the pasted text is too long he will not save it

    as you know, all settings and specs are ok, everything is updated to mlatests versions but it still does not work - i am quit sure it is the muffin builder

    what now?
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  • send through contact form
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  • so why one page it does, another not?
  • doesn't work with me


    i add a second section, wrap and 3/4 column + 1/4 image

    i paste this text:

    <p>Wij organiseren leuke vakanties voor singles, in de Middellandse Zee, zeilend langs de mooise eilanden van Griekenland, Kroatië en Italië. Samen met 10 andere singles gaan we genieten, lachen, nieuwe mensen leren kennen, relaxen, zwemmen in azuurblauw water, etc.
    Kortom genieten en ontspannen in ongedwongen gezelschap van gelijkgestemden, van je eigen leeftijd, met keuze uit 3 zeilgebieden en 3 periodes. Wat wil je nog meer!

    i save the page and the content is gone

  • you can experiment with this page, second section, try for yourself

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  • i copied and pasted it, but also just typed it, no luck...
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