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Updating multiple page at once?


I have implemented BeTheme on our companies 15 or so websites and might even be using it as part of my consultancy work as well as overall I think it's amazing.

There is one thing that bothers me though that if you could offer that, it would be the perfect theme, especially in the world we have today where personalisation is huge. Actually it's two things, but they are very closely related.

1) I love the template functionality, but it would be so good if once importing a template it was linked to the original template, so that if you had important a template on multiple pages, you would only have to change something once and it would pull through all them all. Maybe it could be an option when importing a template whether it should be linked or not.

2) In regards to persoonalising a page, it could be that you had 20 landing pages that are identical targeting different prospects. Well the only difference would be certain parts of it where an image/banner or link was different. It would be so great for running personalised campaigns if you could also link that to a template or a central landing page, so once updating or adding new things to these pages, you wouldn't have to do a lot of manual changing (which even using templates you have to do now).

Are these things something you would consider adding? I would be happy to provide more details about exactly what would be needed, as we have been running about a hundred of these kinds of pages for months now, with LOTS of work when we adding new content to each stage of a campaign. You can see an example of a landing page here: That one is at the end, but the content was added and moved around to fit at all 5  stages of the campaign.


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