Configure sidebar on product page

Is it possible to configure what shows in the sidebar when viewing a product item within woo commerce shop? I have already configured a right sidebar to show with widgets when you first visit the store. But when an item is selected, the next page just shows the sidebar with a search widget and also recently visited products.

I have looked all over the backend dashboard and cannot find out where to set this up. Is it even possible?


  • Hi,

    Under Appearance > Widgets section you have "Plugin | WooCommerce" sidebar and all widgets can be setup only inside this place.

  • Yes that is where I have it all setup right now and this sidebar only displays on the front of the shop, not when actually viewing a product.

    What code inserts the product search bar in the right sidebar then? Perhaps I could edit the PHP file/hook and drop in some other custom widgets then?
  • Because it is interesting to note that you have managed to put some items in the sidebar that appears on the screen when viewing a product like this example

    And this sidebar is actually different than the one on the top level shop page here

    I mean, this is a particular reason why I bought your theme and it does not seem to be working as advertised.
  • Those sidebars are the same but on shop page, filter is added automatically. This is how WooCommerce plugin works.
  • Ok, perhaps something strange was going on at my end (and you might have been thinking I am crazy). But when I was using the categories as a drop down menu instead of displaying them all as a list - the categories widget actually disappeared from the product page.

    Now that I am displaying all categories in a list, rather than a drop down - it displays as it should. I can see why the filter by price widget is removed, that makes complete sense. My client was just concerned about categories going missing from the sidebar when viewing an actual product (like how to go to another category from there without navigating backwards).

    It could be that I am still using a version of woo commerce and your theme that is a few versions old but can you check on your end for this issue? (categories widget not displaying as drop down on product page?). 

    It is all good now and I will be upgrading the theme and woo commerce in next few days.
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