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Column wont centre??

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wow what a great theme!! im just having some issues with the layouts though, if you check my URL the section "technical know how" isnt in the centre, its more to the left

how can i make it central? the section below in grey doesnt seem central either

ps how do i get rid of the betheme in the header??



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    the url is :  08websolutions dot com

    ive noticed that even with a brand new page, if i copy and paste all the code i still get the 3 sections out of line, the left hand column is too high here 08websolutions dot com/test-2/ so there must be some error in the system somewhere?

  • Hey,

    Please open your website in Firefox html mode (CTRL+U) and check how many html errors you got. Please fix them first and all should be fine.
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    thanks for the reply,

    what html problems am i looking for and why have i got to do this?  why isnt it showing right anyway -??

  • This question should be sent to person who did your website. How can we know why someone did those mistakes? The code you have is not what comes with theme. This is because someone don`t know how to use html properly. You can see those mistakes on (red color means errors and as you can see you got many of them - it looks like someone don`t know how to open or close some tags). If you will have on our demo website you will see there is not errors at all. Of course this is just part of mistakes because you got more of them on your website.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    No one has altered any CSS or pre built html on this theme, ive uploaded it via FTP it and that is how it came, otherwise i wouldnt be asking here lol

    To clarify, the only html i have used is the text that goes inside a box, that is why im so confused as to why its not right in the 1st place??

  • Sorry but we can`t agree because this is not what comes with theme on 100%. Take a look on our demo pages and tell us where you see those errors. Those errors comes with your content on page. If you don`t want those errors you should upload only our content and use only muffin builder and do not touch any html. If you don`t know where you did mistakes then you should remove whole current content and upload only our content instead and you will see there will be no errors.
  • Well, to test that i took the theme and did a fresh install on another website, i tried with the theme and the child theme and you can see for yourself that what i have downloaded from you, and uploaded via ftp  and nothing has been touched is still not putting the columns centrally

    i have not touched any html or css at all

    schlossmanjewels dot com/32-2/

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    if you read my original post-you will see that its not the content im talking about, its the layout. You have sent an image of the content- thats not an issue.

    The layout is ok in some places as its centred, but then that doesnt look right when you have columns below that are justified left, the whole page looks out of sync

    that is what im referring to. If you see the 08websolutions dot com page you can see that everything above "judge us by your results" is centred

    everything below is justifed left, and it doesnt look right

    i hope this clarifies this all
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    update: my host has altered the stylesheet for me, the 08websolutions dot com page looks fine now
  • And as we see now, there is not so many errors as before. Now you got only 2 </div> errors but even with them page looks fine now. And did you noticed who did those errors before? Who was responsible for them? Because now it definitely look much better.
  • lol, all i know is they altered the grid.css and set it to centre, thats all i was after

  • Ohh, ok. But as we see now, there is only 2 little mistakes but it definitely looks much better then before. We're glad to know that this was fixed.
  • ok, thanks
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