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Installing demo on development site of current domain

Hello. We currently have an active, licensed install of BeTheme on our website. I am beginning redesigning the site and have a dev site ready with the current them imported but when I go to install a demo it is saying "can not get domain". I'm familiar with the whole deregister/register issue as I had to deal with it when we moved our site last year and I had to purchase a new license. But, if we still own the one license, shouldn't we be able to use it for a development site as well since it is not live? Can you please help with this? I'm afraid if I deregister the license just for the dev site, it will also deregister for the live site and that will cause issues. BTW, our domain host is GoDaddy, if that helps. 


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    When I attempt to deregister the dev site it gives the error "Referer domain is different than registered domain."

    When GoDaddy sets up the staging site, it sets it up under a different IP address. Is this the issue? If so, how can I work around it?
  • I just got off the phone with GoDaddy, where the site is hosted (Managed Wordpress). Their staging is always set up under a different IP/Domain. What solution do you have to work with this?
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  • Yes. I actually deregistered the main license on with the link provided at the front of the forum, then attempted to finalize the de-register within WP Admin/BeTheme. GoDaddy has created the dev site under instead of the main domain. When I spoke with them yesterday I explained the issue and asked if there was any way to create the staging site under the main domain to which they said no, that all staging sites are on their server, then you port them over to the main domain when you push live.

    I will say this: I have another theme licensed with one of your competitors. In their support/admin center, they allow you to input the DNS for the main site and one additional DNS for your staging site since so many times staging occurs on another server. I'm not seeing any options with that for BeTheme and it's something Be needs to consider! The competitor allows a single license to be used for those two purposes and it's quite convenient and seamless. I REALLY like BeTheme, and please don't take this as any kind of threat, but this issue with a singular licensed DNS is really annoying. And from what I'm seeing, quite of your GoDaddy customers have had this issue. 
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