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i got this weird issue on one of my sites where the Error 404 page simply is empty.
it pretty much stops at rendering a title.

I have checked any plugin conflict, htaccess, etc .. their all looking fine (and on a similar site the error 404 works perfect).

now i can't actually find to what page the error page is pointing, or any of it's settings besides selecting an icon.
is there anywhere i can/should look to further trace this issue?.

As i got the feeling it's mainly broken in the database/ page level then anything else. (which should be a quick fix aslong as you know where to look).



  • Hi,

    please send us url to page where the problem with 404 error is because we have no idea what you mean. We did never met with anything similar.

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    Yeah.. i never seen it neither which is what makes it weird.

    on the same server WITH the same plugins (even more then and same htaccess:

    As you can see.. this one does work fine

    I have already tried disabeling W3 total cache and so forth which didn't help anything.
    It seems to get broken at the Title aspect.. so i believe it's trying for a page that doesn't exist anymore in Wordpress
  • We have checked this already but the problem is completely not related with theme. As we see, just small part of code is loaded and then stops. So unfortunately in this case we are not able to help.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Well i can see it stops at the Title area.

    the main question i had is: how does the theme generate the error 404 page?

    for example: is it a page inside wordpress somewhere ? (in or outside the database)
    or is it purely in the theme codes? (if so where?) 

    As it stops exactly at the title part i think the way it gets handled is broken somewhere, but i need to know how the Error 404 page is created in the first place to debug the issue further (to which i asked the question here.. as the theme does generate/ handle the error 404 page)
  • Error page is created inside 404.php file.
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