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Pulsing map marker

Hi there
I am using the ARCHITECT 3  theme and it is all quite easy and user friendly. What I noticed is that a few weeks back the marker in the theme would "pulse" but now I see it doesnt and is a simple pointer. I have styled the map so I have a pointer I like but I would like to have it pulse the way I have seen it do. Can you please assist with this?

thanks Caren


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  • edited June 27
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  • Thank you Pablo I will do that.
  • Hi Pablo

    I fixed the issues but i dont know where to go to set the marker to pulse? 

    there are a few red areas like the piping between the url and the stapline but that and the other issues were as part of the theme.

    Thanks for your help.
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  • Oh I see - I have used my API Key. okay I thought this was part of your theme. I will see what I can find with Google.
  • Hi Pablo 

    I have done more digging and this was definitely part of the theme when we purchased it and has been recently removed.... 
    Please can you direct me on using this pulse effect as this was one of the reasons I went with this theme.–_BeArchitect_3_–_BeTheme_-_2018-04-30_17.33.25.png
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  • I am surprised at your response? 

    When I downloaded the theme it even has that yellow icon in the media, I will attache this so you can see. 

    We took screenshot above of your site when we initially were looking at themes, so this is a screenshot of your actual site as it was. Are you saying I recreated this??image
  • The screenshot was taken: BeArchitect_3_–_BeTheme_-_2018-04-30_12.10.22
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  • Oh thanks, what a relief! I will have a look at that. Thank you for your quick reply.
  • Okay so this was already done, what I want it to do is move - get bigger and smaller? using your suggestion gives a marker but it doesn't move.
  • I do want the pulse animation marker... of course I can't show you what it looks like on your sites as it has been changed - you can see from my screenshot that it is different to what you now have. I don't understand why the pulse is no longer available when it was and you are saying you didnt offer it? This is so strange to me. I can assure you that I would never send you screenshots that are not 100% authentic
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