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edited July 3 in Theme support
Hello!  There's a pink area as you can see in the website here, how do I get rid of it? What am I missing? I can't find any settings to fix it.


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  • Never mind... Minimalist fixed it... not very obvious what that is, but trial and error made me find the way...
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  • Yes, please....

    The green highlighted area, how to I give more spacing between the sidebar and content?

    The blue highlighted area, is there a way to change the button under the search to be on the side instead, even if that means adding a loupe icon instead of text (that would actually be better). This is for woocommerce product search.

    Thank you!
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  • Here's the link:

    Since you will be looking at it, I cannot find the settings to make the background of the sticky header and the dropdown menus slightly transparent, as you can see here:

    The second link was the first trial of using your theme, but we used a demo to begin with. In the first link, no demo was used. If you could also give me a hint on how to make those slightly transparent, that would be great. Thank you VERY MUCH!!! 

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  • 1. First thing I have found that wasn't well thought with your theme :( That is sad... 

    2. I understand the color, but wasn't talking about the color, but the TRANSPARENCY of the sticky header.

    3. Also, on the HOME page, I would like to have the header transparent or semi-transparent. Is that possible.

    Sorry for asking all at once, but this is taking a bit long and I have 3 themes to chose from for this project. I like BE the best so far, so I am really trying to finish it before the others, so I don't have to continue with them. Thank you.
  • Number 2, never mind. I found the issue. Under HEADER & SUBHEADER, the sticky was set to WHITE instead of SAME AS TOP BAR LEFT.

    But I would appreciate if if you could help with number 3, and perhaps put a request for number 1 in a future update.
  • Okay, let me make it easier for you, so there are no missing anwers:

    1. Post number 6, I also asked the following, regarding this picture ( : "The blue highlighted area, is there a way to change the button under the search to be on the side instead, even if that means adding a loupe icon instead of text (that would actually be better). This is for woocommerce product search."    

    2. On the HOME page of this site ( just to to the home), there's a slider. How do I make the header transparent or semi-transparent?

    3. Could you please put a request for a future update of the theme, a way to change the padding between the side bar and the content without affecting everything else? Every other theme I have worked with allow you to do this, even with CSS without affecting anything else. I think that would really be great to many users.

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  • 1. No. Inside the side bar, there's a search feature, with a search button. I need to have the search button to be next to the search input field, as you can see here: ;  so the button is inline the search form, instead of the bottom. It would be better yet if instead of the SEARCH word, the button would have only a loupe icon.

    2. Wow, that's not it either. I have to work in my communication skills, a whole tread and I got nothing solved and I could only make you understand 10% of my questions... sorry about that. 
    Take a look at the header here: How do I make it semi-transparent or fully transparent, while on top of the slider revolution, like in this page here: or even this

    3. I will try that. Thanks.

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    2. That does not work the way intended. It makes the header COMPLETELY transparent on the revolution slider (I wanted semi transparent, with a white background), but worst of all, all other pages, without revolution slider, the title bar is shown on top of the logo and menu. No go with the option you gave me... I only need the semi transparent for for the main home page.

    3. How do you change the font size for the footer menu widget? They are too big right now and I would like to make it smaller.

    4. Recent articles widget, is there a way to make the fonts of the date under the title smaller using CSS? If I change the font size using theme option, it will change the font size of other items I don't want to change.

    Thank you very much! We are almost done!
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  • 2. That only makes the background of the header gray, not semi-transparent. Thanks for trying though. :(

    3. I tried this:

    .widget_archive ul li a, .widget_nav_menu ul li a { font-size: 14px !important; } which made the main 

    menu smaller too... so I followed that with

    #Header .menu > li ul li a { font-size: 15px; }

    which seems to work. Do you see this as being something that will create problems somewhere else?

    4. Did not do anything, however I tried this: 

    .Recent_posts ul li  { font-size: 14px !important; }

    and it seems to work. Do you see problems with it anywhere else?

    Thank you!
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  • Thank you. 

    To have only that MAIN home page with the semi transparent header, and the remaining pages remaining the same, what do you think I should do. The customer is really pushing for that header being semi transparent in the main page, for impact...
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  • That is great for the main page, but all other pages end up showing a really large header space. Nowhere in the theme documentation or options there's an explanation on how to change such space.

    I really don't get this theme when it comes to these changes.

    The customer wants a small header, small tittle, but it is like, be theme does not allow you to do this.
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