[BeTheme] 404 page as search result

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Every time i search for something i am getting the 404 page.
The problem is for sure the polylang free plugin but not sure how to solve it.
Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hi,

    so if you are sure this happen because of plugin, then we are not able to help because we have never used this plugin and also we are not author of it and have no idea how it works and if is fully properly written in accordance to wordpress API.

    What we can recommend also is turn off all plugins one by one and after that you will be 100% sure which one is the problem because maybe it is not related with plugin above. Maybe something is wrong just with .htaccess file on your server which is responsible for that kind of errors? And in this case only hosting provider will be able to help you.

    Hope this will help you a little. Thanks for understanding!
  • I think i fixed that by changing some plugin settings about the permalinks.
    To be sure i need to know if the search form searches pages too.
    This is a production site,i have some static pages,no posts yet.
    Now instead of 404 page i am getting 0 results.

    Thank you for your time
  • If you have created content using Muffin Builder then search won`t work because content inside muffin builder is encoded and this is necessary for proper builder work. Wordpress search is looking for content inside database while whole content from Muffin Builder is encoded. And especially for those kind of problems we created Builder >> SEO section in wordpress editor what you can see on http://snag.gy/OVoPE.jpg

    And what you need to do is click on this section and after that whole content from muffin builder will be moved into wordpress editor section. After that in "Page section" below wordpress editor you must turn ON Hide the content button. Since now content from wordpress editor will be visible only for Search or Yoast plugin purposes. This will basically work for all plugins that use wordpress editor field to work with.

    Hope this will help you! Thanks for understanding :)
  • That was exactly what i was looking for!
    Thank you for your support and the fast response!
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