Contact Form 7 Missing


Just bought Be Theme today, doing a local install and cannot find Contact Form 7, seems to be missing from the package.


  • I am having this issue as well - any suggestions?
  • Ah yes, in the end I just went to Wordpress and downloaded it from their site.

    Install it as a normal plug in and everything works fine.
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    Hi guys,

    this plugin with latest package is not included because this is what wordpress and TF recommend. The reason is because when we attach package, then you don`t have the latest version. But if you install it yourself, then you got notifications about all updates and current versions.

    However, after theme installation, in top section you got info about required plugins. And all you should to do is click on "Begin installing" button and this will install required plugins automatically. But if you rejected this message, then this is the reason why you are not able to install it automatically.

    Thanks for understanding! Hope all will be clear now :)
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    No, when you click on Begin Installing it just gives an error message that it cannot find a header or something for Contact Form 7.
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    @Jonj1611 So please send us access to your wp dashboard and FTP on pm and we`ll have a look on it.
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately I can't, its a local install. All other plugins automatically downloaded and installed, just the contact form didnt and as I said gave a header error or file not found in header or something along those lines. Sorry I cannot be more accurate
  • So unfortunately we are not able to help you because until we won`t get access we have no idea what can be the problem. We tested everything on our demo and all works fine. We don`t see any problems on our side so the problem must be somewhere on your and until we don`t have access, we really can`t check where the problem is.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Well thats fine, I am not disputing it with you, the package is not included and it is being looked for when doing the local install and fails installing it automatically.

    Quite clearly you cannot see whats on my system as its a local install.

    I am not too bothered now as I figured it out while waiting for a response so either way its working.

    Thanks for understanding :)
  • Ok but can you explain what was the problem and what you did to fix it?
  • Until I do a new install I cannot get the exact error, but it was a package header error, the only thing I could do was download Contact Form 7 manually and install it manually, it would not automatically install with the rest of the plugins, the rest of the plugins installed just fine.
  • Ohh, ok. We didn`t know about it and this is really weird because we tested it on our 2 different hostings and all works fine. But thanks for the explanation :)
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