Padding gets crazy when loading. I have to refresh the page to have all elements back in place.

I just created this website:

I have selected transparent header and given a padding-top to the first section in every page so the elements don't  intercept with the header. The problem is that when I load the page, some elements (not exclusively the ones close to the header) get messed up, as if the padding wasn't taken in consideration

When I refresh the page, the elements go back in place

Here is the page in this example:

That also happens in middle sections:

This is how it looks when refreshed:

Notice the padding? You can see the live page here:

The funny thing is that it does not happen with the first section of the homepage or blog and the only difference is the background image.

I've tried to use margin instead of padding but some browsers (safari) don't read the margin and it stays messed up. I also tried emptying cache and even other laptops but still the same.

Any suggestions in how to fix this?


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