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Page will not save muffin builder custom CSS

I have created a page with some CSS rules, I can only type so much in the box and then it will no longer save any new CSS I type in!


I have this CSS saved, I cannot edit the box. It will not save any thing else, whether I try to add or delete rules.

.fancy_heading h1{
color:#ff0000 !important;}
body{padding-top:0 !important;}

.fancy_yellow .slogan, .fancy_yellow h1{
color: #ffd400;
font-size: 40px;
text-transform: uppercase;

.promo_yellow h2{
color: #FFBA00;}

margin-bottom: 10px !important;}
.no_bot_margin{margin-bottom: 1px !important;}

Is something corrupt?


  • I created a new page and am able to edit the custom CSS box no problem, just on my one IMPORTANT page.

  • There is somethign corrupt with MB on the page. New pages work fine. If I export and import the broken page, CSS stops working.
  • Hi,

    your server is limited and that's why you are not able to save options. You must contact with server administrator because max_input_vars variable must be increased. As default is 1000 while should be 5000 or 10000 if you create large pages.
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