Portfolio page not working properly after theme update

Have used the Envato toolkit to update to the latest version of the theme.

However, when I visit the portfolio page http://kawanabaitandtackle.com.au/gallery/ (which I use as the website photo gallery) - the lightbox or prettyphoto function behaves a little strangely. The image blows up big and everything but there is not frame around it and not close button. Just seems to be missing some components that's all.

Ryan Archer


  • As we see, your gallery looks pretty nice what you can see http://pbrd.co/195bH0E and there is nothing wrong. You got frame and also close button is visible. However maybe you missed one option that was added pretty long time ago under Theme options > Getting started > Advanced section. Option is called "Pretty Photo | Style".
  • Oh wow! That is so strange...
    Now its working like it should be again (scratching my head).

    Maybe some files were cached or something....
    Sorry to have bothered you.
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