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Updating BeTheme Fails with PHP 7.x

Running the theme update (or plugin updates through the theme options) fails on PHP version 7.x. If the PHP version is downgraded to 5.6.37 the updates work.

Specifically, the PHP versions tested are as follows:
5.6.37 - Works
7.0.31 - Fails
7.1.21 - Fails
7.2.9 - Fails

The failure is a download timeout error. It says that it has downloaded X of -1 on the resulting failure page. Where X is the actual file size of the update. Therefore it isn't the download itself that fails, just the reporting mechanism. Note that is says X of "-1". I doubt the file size is supposed to be -1.

I know that BeTheme claims that it is fully compatible with PHP 7.x. However, it appears there are still some issues. Since WP 4.9.x requires PHP 7.x to properly function, this is a critical failure. Frankly, we can and have been able to downgrade the version running on a site, do the upgrade, and re upgrade back to 7.x ... however, this is a maintenance nightmare, and we would like to see BeTheme play well with 7.x

We have tested this on multiple installs (all purchased copies of BeTheme). We have tested freshly installed sites with no plugins (other than those that are bundled, required, or recommended by BeTheme), we have tried with published and active sites, and we have tried across multiple servers/environments. The error happens consistently and identically across all platforms, installs, servers and environments.

Furthermore, we receive identical results from bundled plugin updates using the theme options installer.

We have tried this on multiple websites that use BeTheme. All of them have matching results. These sites are spread across multiple dedicated private servers. The PHP options are as follows:

PHP Memory Limit 256M
PHP Time Limit 1200
WP Max Upload Size 128M
cURL: yes
DOMDocument: Yes
WP Version 4.9.8

Server Specifications are as follows:
DEDICATED (not a shared environment)
RAM: 128G
HDD: 24T (RAID 5)

Data connection is dual 10 gigabit ethernet connections to the network, and 1 gigabit to the Internet.

We posed this question privately several months ago to BeTheme. They gave us some BS about shared hosting environments and contacting our server admin .... We own the server, it is dedicated, it is plenty capable of running the sites that are installed, the connection is more than satisfactory, and we are more than capable administrators of both our servers and our websites. 

We have done extensive testing with this using many environments. This is clearly an issue with the theme, not a server or environment issue. 

We love BeTheme, and feel that your developers are very capable and confident programmers. We want to continue to use BeTheme for our projects. This is not meant in any way to be a dig or complaint about your developers abilities. Just a hope that this can be fixed in the future.


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