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With the current version of BeTheme (20.9.7) comes our early beta release of the Header Builder. This tool will let you build your custom header without the need of adjusting anything in the theme options. Please remember that this is a beta version and the plugin is still in development so do not use it on your end products since many things may change until the final release.

To install the Header Builder go to Wordpress > Betheme > Install Plugins. The plugin requires the version of BeTheme to be 20.9.7 or higher, so if you cannot install it, please update the theme.

We are waiting for your feedback,

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  • Generally speaking - this is a very good idea and I'm really happy to see it in BeTheme as this is one of three themes that I use for custom development.

    However, it's pretty limited in its present form allowing for setting custom headers with 3 rows and 3 columns each (at most). Why not simply use Muffin Builder's wraps? This would allow for complex header designs like this one.

    I believe it would make the header builder very powerful and generally unseen among WordPress themes.
  • As a Beta Plugin not recommended for Production websites, why am I seeing it being recommended in my Plugins area of my Production website:

    "This theme recommends the following plugin: _ BeTheme Header Builder - BETA."
  • hi, i tested it but i want to revert and i seem to be stuck. when i go to the regular header preset it just directs me back to the header builder.

    how do i deactivate it? 
  • hehenkamp Just disable the plugin.
  • Envato requires the plugins to be attached via TGMPA which has only 2 options : recommended and required. We cannot do anything about it.
  • Is there a timetable for a production release?
  • In new Header bilder why the height of the sticky menu depends on the height of the logo section, and does not have its own height?
  • Hi,

    Header Builder Beta seems to be nice so far. But is there yet an option to change the menu font? 
    Didn't see anything like this and selecting the font from BeThemeOptions is disabled.
    Keep up the good work!
  • It is still in early beta. We cannot say right now, simply because we do not know ;)

    We will take a look into this. I will ask the developers.

    You can change the fonts in theme options>fonts but there is no direct way to change the font type in the builder itself. You can try using the google font shortcode, here it is:
  • Bryan, thanks for the honest answer! Much appreciated.
  • Question...hoping for some advice.  I tested out the Header Builder and overall liked it but wanted to revert to one of the theme headers.  All changes made, saved, caches cleared, and site loads ok on my mobile.  Once I'm on mobile though, and click my logo link to go back to homepage, it keeps reverting back to the Header builder header....I have been trying to figure out how to stop this for the last couple of hours, but no success...any help is greatly appreciated.  Everything is fine on desktop.
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    Please disable the header builder plugin in Wordpress>Plugins
  • When will it be possible to change the font size directly from the Builder??
  • Not the font size, only the colors. Please install the plugin and try it out. We will soon be leaving the beta state.
  • On the header builder, can you please create a way to add widgets and shortcodes? Would make header adjustments that way much easier if we need to place a persistent item on the header across all pages.
  • I actually need to do this for s client at the moment and it is proving a bit challenging.
  • Nice to be able to have the background image for the header be "contained" so it doesn't automatically enlarge.  However, I cannot get the menu "styles" to take, it keeps showing the default colors no matter how many times I save, it won't show the text colors I entered. Also, it stacks the menu items instead of them on one line next to each other, so it looks like this:

    rather than: 
    Home   About   Portfolio

    Pretty frustrating.
  • Doesn't seem like you can make the menu transparent... 
  • The mobile menu button is not working for the menu I built using header builder.
    I tried assigning two different menu's. I can click the button on my mobile phone but there is no menu popping up. Any fixes for this?
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    Since the Header Builder plugin is coming out of beta, we encourage you to keep using it as it is an excellent tool for customizing the header area. If you have any problems with this plugin, please open a new, and our support staff will help you.
    thank you for your input

    Support Team

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