Change responsive menu trigger width.

I have a small menu, and would like it so that the responsive trigger for it is less than the rest of the elements on the page, to aviod it going to the small icon menu.

Any help on what to look for in the CSS?



  • Hi,

    Unfortunately there is no way to change responsive menu trigger width. Responsive files have hundreds of lines of code, and there is no way for a simple change. We plan to introduce such an option in the future, however, due to the complexity of the code, we can not give any time frame .

  • We plan to introduce such an option in the future ... we can not give any time frame .

    If I had a penny for every-time I've heard that from a developer who never actually delivered the feature, I could buy my own development company. 

     Maybe this time will be different.
  • If you will have a look into "Updates & Changelog" section you will understand that we work very hard on this theme and every week we add new options at users request. Of course we can't add them all at once due to time and tons of older features in queue but we consider all users request.
  • Is this an option yet?
  • So far it is possible with some files modification which has been described on - we tried to add this option but we don't have a right solution yet because if we'll add this option, many of customer's site will be broken after update. And this is the main reason why this can be done within some modification only.
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