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How to Create Menus That Auto Select When Scrolling One Page Site

I'm building a one page site using Be. I'm using Visual Composer (WPBakery Page Builder Backend Editor).

I need to get my menus to function so that clicking a menu item scrolls to that section of the page, and scrolling the page automatically selects the appropriate menu item for the section scrolled to. You have this functionality in your demos (example here:

I've selected "one page" on the page options at the bottom of the editor. What other settings am I missing and how do I need to setup my menu items to make this happen?

Here's the URL for my dev site:



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  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for the step-by-step, but all of that was already done, and it still doesn't have the desired behavior.

    As stated in the original post, I want the page to function like your demo:

    In that demo, as the page is scrolled, the menu changes automatically to the current section.

    I don't understand what you mean by "If you do not want to use a normal menu to link the user to sections, you need to add a 'scroll' class to the custom link elemment." However, in that demo, the sections do not appear to have a special class assigned to them.

    Further, the first menu item on my site does not even activate when selected, though it does scroll to that section.

    Thanks for the help.
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  • Pablo,

    I've cleared my cache, and tried multiple browsers (chrome, firefox, edge), it's not a caching issue. The menus function, yes. But, when you scroll down the page with the mouse or scrollbar, the menus don't identify which section you are in. In you demo, the menu has this behavior.

    Here's a screen grab from your demo:
    Note that the menu selection moves as the page is scrolled.

    Here's a screen grab from our site:

    Note that the menu stays on HOME the entire time while the page is scrolled.

    I've installed your demo on another dev site and matched up all the settings, but cannot get it to work. What needs to change? Please help.

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  • I updated the parent theme, and as you said, the site broke. The only files in the child theme are:

    (and screenshot.png)

    Neither of these have the text you are referring to.

    Exactly what do I need to change and in what file(s)?

  • Okay, I updated the theme, replaced the functions.php in the child theme with the new version, changed the style.css Template line to betheme, so now the site is back to working.

    But, that had no impact whatsoever on the scrolling menus not working as expected.
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  • Hi Bryan,

    I didn't have any such issue with the site not loading. We did have the site password gated, but I had already given your team that info. The password has now been removed and the site is live, but still having the same bug with the menus. I would very much appreciate an actual resolution to this issue.


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