License shows invalid


I purchased a new license today for a new site we are building.

When I try to add it to the staging site ( where I have installed both BeTheme and the Child Theme, I get an error saying the license is invalid. 

We use this staging site often and we recently built and then moved to production a different site that previously had this address. That site is now at

Thank you. 


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    Can you send whole link to the screenshot of the error message?
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    Hi Pablo, 

    on our staging site:

    I have deregistered it from the staging site. It is on, our production site which as the same IP address but new domain pointing to it. Can you verify that this license key is correctly registered to as I don't see it in the list of my licenses. 

    Thank you. 

  • I can see, that your license key is regisred on the
    What is the error message about? - can you send me a link to the screenshot of that error message?
  • This issue has been resolved. Thank you. 
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