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White Space on Tablets and Cellphones

Hello, can you please tell me how to remove this white space that is showing on cellphones and tablets.  It is fine on desktop.  I am not using footer or any other content on homepage (only the slider).

Thank you in advance.


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  • Thank you.  So are you saying I should set it to a larger height?
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  • I've made adjustments according to the video, but apparently it is not the slider as the slider is already responsive because the image is showing perfectly.   it is the fact that I am not using any content below the slider that is causing the empty white space below the slider.  Please see the difference on the pages with and without footers.

    For the homepage, I only want a slider and no other content.  Please help.  I think it's a css problem, but I dont know what css to edit and how.

    This white space underneath slider problem is only with tablets and cellphones. (see with footer and there's no white space) (see without footer and the white space appears.

    Please help. Thank yo

  • Please disregard everything above.  

    I figured out why it had the white space on cell and tablet and it was because the menu on top (plain menu option).  Once I changed ithe menu from plain to modern, the white space disappeared.

    Now my question is, is there a fix to use the plain menu on top OR use the  modern menu with the same look as the plain menu?

    Thank you.
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  • I sent the login info from the contact form at

    Thank you
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    I have sent the login information.  Are you working on this issue?

    Also, I should have mentioned, the desktop has a scrollbar when I use the plain menu option.

    Please help.  Thanks.
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  • I believe you saw the site after I figured out the problem with the white space.  I fixed the white space already.  I don't think I explained my problem very well.

    The white space is no longer a problem.  The problem is the scroll bar on the desk top when I change menu (header) styles.

    Please see a better explanation of my problem here;
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  • edited November 12
    I see that  but my question is... How do I  fix it and get rid of the scroll bar for the header that I would prefer to use?  

    There should not be a scroll bar.  The theme gives me several options for various headers, but I am not able to use the one I like the most. Please help.  

    Thank you.
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