Gallery on iphone isnt responsive and opens images in new page

Hi I am having issues with the theme and how it handles a gallery on an iphone. the gallery images remain small and if tapped open in page instead of prettybox.  Its a pain as I cannot use any other gallery as betheme overrides them.


  • Hi,

    Yes, but this is right behavior what you can see on our demo as well - images are small as this is how responsive gallery works. But pretty photo option was disabled for mobile devices because most users requested about this. If you want to have pretty photo effect on mobile devices as well, then we can consider this feature while updates.

  • its a shame the images don't shrink into a single row of images when on mobile instead of showing 5 c columns of very small thumbnails. I will try another gallery to see if this resolves the issue. love the framework and love the muffin group....very well done guys.
  • Ok, we understand what you mean and we already added your request on "to do" list. We'll do it while future updates :)
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