Problems setting up the header style

Today i started again setting up and i encountered the following problem. I am trying to setup the creative header type with a menu. But for i know what reason i cannot change the header style and the menu.

I tryed changing in layout, page options, but i allways have the same header and the same menu that it does not change.

Can you tell me what i have to do to change it?


  • Did you setup main menu in Appearance > Menus > Manage locations section? If you did it and still won`t work, then please send us url to your website so we can have a look on it.
  • Hello i was using firefox latest version and it didnt let me change anything. I choosed the header style i wanted after clicking save it wont change it, the same for the menus assigned to pages, or the header for the layouts.

    As of now i am using chrome and everything works good. I will reinstall firefox again and check again.
  • the url is easytobuild org if you want to check around.

    This is what i see with firefox ( already deleted cache and reinstalled firefox)

    This is how it should look like, i see this with chrome
  • As we see, on first image you have mobile menu activated. This can be related with browser size. Is it possible that you can increase browser size to see how this will look on larger screen? If you will decrease Chrome size, then you should get the same look as in Firefox.

    However if you want to activate regular menu on smaller screens, then please have a look into this topic where this was described :)
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    At the moment i have a 15inch screen and i would like to have the normal menu to show up on all screens from 15 inch and higher. And have the mobile menu show up for those that are under 15. Is that possible?

    I followed the instructions on that page and i found that like inside responsive-1240.css on line 214 and it looks like this:
    @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) and (max-width: 1239px)

    or on line 152 and it looks like this:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 1239px)

    Which one do i have to modify?
  • So you should modify line 152 as you mentioned above.
  • Ok thank you very much. 
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