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Has this theme been tested on iPad? I'm using the Moving demo and have only just noticed the header image and text are horribly aligned on iPad. Thanks to work done by your support team the menu hamburger is now aligned overlapping the logo and doesn't show menu items at all when expanded. I checked the demo and the image and text alignment in the header is the same. Looking through the other demo's on iPad:

BeTheme homepage takes forever to load, and some of the links to example sub-demo's just don't show at all
BeRecipes constantly sticks when scrolling
BeResume constantly sticks when scrolling
BeBeauty constantly sticks when scrolling
BeHotel and BeAgency take up to 10 seconds to load the homepage

I'm not looking at any more through frustration.

There's something quite clearly broken with this theme and the way it runs on iPad. All demo's are very slow to load, all demo's scroll horribly, and the alignment on major elements of some demo's is a way out.

I thought this theme was great until I moved off my desktop. It needs fixing asap, there's no way I could hand a site over to a client knowing the mobile experience is so poor.



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    Screenshot please of what you mean and url to website.

    P.S. Yes, theme was tested on iPad very carefully and if you have any problems, they must be related with what you did so far.
  • I'm not sure it was tested carefully enough. Check this page -
    Then check the Moving demo homepage. And the others I mentioned above, all poor. iOS8, latest version of Safari.
  • The link you sent is splash page which is not included into theme. This page is only for demo purposes so there is nothing to be checked on this page. But we checked Be|Moving demo already on ipad and all is ok so we don't understand where is the problem exactly.
  • I sent the splash page because it contains the links to each demo!!!

    Check the header image / introduction text for Moving theme on iPad!? I can't send a screenshot since I'm at work, but I can't believe it's meant to look the way it does.

    Have you looked the other scrolling issues I mentioned above as well?

    And FYI - the header alignment problems I had on iPad were NOT caused by changed I'd made. They WERE caused by custom css added by your support team.
  • Open the moving demo in any browser and reduce the window size until the hamburger menu takes effect. You can see the huge gap created beneath the header image.

    The image fills the container on desktop and mobile, NOT on tablet.

    And please the check the scroll issues on any demo on an iPad. The theme sticks constantly when scrolling.

  • We have checked this and this is how it looks like - we do not see anything wrong here.
  • That's the same as I see. I think it looks poor, as though it hasn't been correctly aligned. Maybe a matter of opinion but it looks unprofessional to me.

    Scroll issues still exist with Be on iPad. Can be seen on any demo.
  • So in our opinion there is nothing wrong. This looks as supposed to look like and there is nothing what we can do in this case. And of course scroll works on ipad as well. But maybe it's also your opinion and you don't like our fancy scrolling feature. If you don't like it, you can easily turn it off under Theme options > Getting started > General section and after this you will get default scrolling.
  • I would say that image should vertically fill the section on all devices, as it does on desktop and mobile. On tablets there is a real obvious gap beneath the bottom of the image.

    My issue isn't with fancy scroll but the fact scrolling doesn't work properly on iPad. As I've said many times above, if you try to scroll quickly on an iPad, the page constantly sticks and you have to scroll again.
  • We have tested scroll many times on devices like ipad and now we did it especially for you on moving demo and of course scroll works perfectly. We tested it on ipad 4 now and we can scroll fast and also slow. Scroll works exactly the same as for most popular applications on mobile devices.
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