Removing padding under header and page title

edited March 2015 in BeBuilder

On one of the pages I don't want to use Revo slider and I can't remove padding undr the header and also I can not hide title page.
The option Title Area - Hide is not available any more and I have instead "Subheader | Hide". If I set this to ON, it does not keep it once I save it, it goes back to OFF.  Also there is a thick black padding under the header which I want to remove. I have attached the screen shot and you can view it here:



  • Hi,

    this black bar under header can be turned off within "Header | Minimalist" option which is under Theme options > Layout > Header section. But if you are not able to save options as you mentioned above, you should contact with hosting administrator because your server is limited and max_input_vars variable must be increased.

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