dry cleaner website (water cooler)

HI everyone,

Thought I'd give this theme try and I'm optimistic =)

I'm building a dry cleaner website for a client and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a demo to start off with.  I think I like the insurance and the cleaner websites the best.  The menu needs to be below the logo / header bg image so we can add options/cta on the right and preferably a boxed layout where other pages will definitely have a sidebar.  Then below the menu a full width bg w/ cta text ad button, below that maybe a 3-col grid with service icons and finally the footer.

I'm really excited to see what this theme will allow me to do and I'm eager to hear any of your suggestions thank you.




  • Hi Phil,

    we do not have any recommendations because you are building website and you should know the best what your client's need :) You must decide yourself which one is the best. We can only say that Be|Cleaner looks really nice and should fit for your website.

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