One Page/Menu Issue For Mobile

I've run into an issue, where I'm using a one page design and the nav menu is linking to individual sections (ie #about #contct, etc). The issue is that some of these sections are desktop only, and tablet/mobile only. They have the same content but are optimized for the devices. The issue on mobile/tablet is that it is not going to the #about section. I believe because it's the desktop only section is also #about.

1. Is there a way to create separate menus that are for desktop, one for mobile, one for tablet?
2. If not, how do you suggest having one page designs function correctly if certain content blocks are mobile do you link to that section properly?

Thank you!


  • Hey,

    1. This is unfortunately not possible.

    2. We do not have any suggestions so far. Nobody did not asked about something like that in the past and that's why we do not have any solution for this. We'll think about it and see if there is anything what we can do while future updates.

  • Okay thank you. Perhaps you could add to the "menu" page option at the bottom by including desktop/tablet/mobile options for different menus for the same page. That would solve this.
  • We'll consider this but not at this moment because we got tons of other features that must be done first.
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