Demo Like look and feel ?

       1)      When I use  Appearance > BEtheme Demo data

Import all ( No effect
just try to import so long and nothing Happens)

When Import partially
like (Homepages, Content [all] , Option, Widget) one by one then it
import  home page like this page
. Please refer my attament image snap1.png 

My Question regarding point 1 are under

Why I am able to
import all data in one go

Why I am finding
homepage like
, why not I am finding homepage like

When I am using
Appearance > BEtheme Demo Data and importing Demos One by one its importing
21 demo , where are other demo? I am complete revolutionslider of 90+ demo
which is Ok but I am unable to find homepages all demos. I am finding just 30
homepages where are others????

Demos which I have
installs are, please refer snap2.png, I have highlighted with yellow color in

 2)      Even If I am importing demo data and its showing home page like
and most of the homepage submenus contains links which is redirecting to your
site  like why not all demos are opening in my server????
This link should belongs to my Server.

 Hope I explain my problems to you well. If you have any
misunderstanding please contact me back. 



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